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2022 Riverside Intrepid 165i
  • 2022 Riverside Intrepid 165i

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    2022 Riverside Intrepid 165i Camper: Compact Charm for Your Outdoor Getaways

    The 2022 Riverside Intrepid 165i camper is a delightful blend of compact design and functional elegance, designed to enhance your outdoor adventures. Crafted by Riverside RV, this camper is a perfect choice for those who appreciate mobility without sacrificing essential comforts.


    Key Features:

    • Compact Versatility:

    The Intrepid 165i surprises with its compact exterior, concealing a surprisingly spacious interior. Ideal for solo travelers or couples, this camper is designed to efficiently use space without compromising on comfort.

    • Lightweight and Towable:

    With its lightweight construction, the Intrepid 165i is a breeze to tow, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a camper that can be easily pulled by a variety of vehicles.

    • Cozy Interior:

    Step inside to discover a cozy and inviting living space. The interior layout is thoughtfully designed, providing a comfortable retreat after a day of outdoor exploration.

    • Functional Kitchenette:

    The camper features a practical kitchenette equipped with essential amenities. Enjoy the convenience of a stove, sink, and a compact refrigerator, making meal preparation on the road a breeze.

    • Outdoor Connection:

    The Intrepid 165i emphasizes the outdoor experience with features like an awning and outdoor living space. Extend your living area to the great outdoors and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

    • Efficient Use of Space:

    The camper maximizes every inch of space, offering smart storage solutions and a layout that caters to the needs of those who appreciate efficiency and simplicity in their travels.


    Why Choose the Riverside Intrepid 165i?

    For those who crave the charm of a compact camper without compromising on essential features, the 2022 Riverside Intrepid 165i is an ideal choice. This camper embodies the spirit of adventure in a towable package that promises both comfort and mobility.

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