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Our Services

Welcome to Your Comprehensive RV Care Hub!

Discover a world of top-tier services designed to cater to all your RV needs. Whether you're on the road, at our dedicated facility, or seeking quality parts, our team is committed to ensuring your recreational vehicle remains in peak condition. From Mobile Services that bring expertise to your doorstep to In-House Services offering meticulous maintenance and repairs, and our Parts Service providing access to premium components, we are your go-to destination for unparalleled RV care. Explore our range of services and entrust your RV to our skilled technicians, ensuring each journey is a seamless adventure.

What to Expect

There isn't much we won't try to repair, but here's a short list of the things which we will refer you to another local company for:

Gasoline/ Diesel Engine Repair:

We fix gasoline, LP and diesel engines found inside RV's, like generators, but we do NOT repair, replace, or perform routine engine maintenence on Motor Coach Engines, Motorhomes, or any self propelled RV.

Roadside Mobile Repairs (ANY TYPE):

We won't do any work by an active roadside for safety and insurance reasons.

Toy/ Vehicle (Extra Car) Tow bar
and Braking Systems:

We will not install braking systems in towed vehicles because of two different types of insurance liabilites, which we will not incur for both our install and with your use. Being safe and not damaging your investment is our primary concern.

Blackwater/ Sewer cleaning, dumping or Potable Freshwater Filling:

We do not have sewer or potable water capabilities at our shop. Your unit must have all the holding tanks emptied before we will service your unit, including the blackwater holding tank, EVEN IF that's what will be serviced. It's a health and insurance violation for us to perform any kind of work on a system which isn't as empty as possible.
We do not have the proper water filtration available, testing, or implements to fill potable water, for free or for any cost.

Tire Change/ Tire Repair:

We don't sell tires, rims, we won't repair them, (especially on a roadside). We recommend Perfection Tire on Thain Road for all of your tires, rims and maintinence. 

Wallpaper/ Custom Paint/ Custom Upholstery:

We change blackwater tanks, awnings, and batteries, but we're terrible at interior design. Plaid and Polka dots go together, right? Trust us.

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